When Viola Hears the Rock..

When Viola Hears the Rock That Saves Her Twin.

Ceramic. 32″x16″x8″. 2014

The Shakespeare Factor In My Work:

The theater seems to explain the unexplainable – catch you unawares and at the same time, have you beg for a character’s mercy despite conventional wisdom pointing a finger at what is good and what is bad.  Theater is monumental.  It’s also mercurial, temporary and meant for us – suspending time, briefly altering our own realities.  Borrowed costumes manipulate our experiences of each character,  and the lighting, stage sets, co-opted space, all designed to touch our minds and feelings and coax us into recognition of ourselves in them. Some briefly and borrowed ideas from Shakespeare’s works   buzz around my brain, like crazy mosquitoes just  waiting to land me a character to feast on, to reflect upon, but mostly to curb assumptions, predicting plots, and prod me along –  into worlds full of possibilities never  before imagined.







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