Artful Kimchi

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The world of “kimchi” has grabbed my attention. Sourcing it back to the specifics of culture, taste, health, sustainability, fermentation and human longevity, making kimchi on a regular basis transports me to Beethoven’s 4th piano concerto – huh? – well, really, it has both mellow and fierce undertones, pacifies me to stillness and most of all, all the parts relate to each other and if your brain can handle it, each flavor texture and color speaks to it’s neighboring flavor texture and color – little random acts of kindness inside a mason jar.
I choose the veggies, sort them, clean them, chop and organize them according to color and size, add spices to soothe and surprise, then I press press press in remembrance of  understanding where each once comes from, which farm, which NYS county, or at least that’s the goal. I want you to discover things in the kimchi and feel good, not only because that’s a nice thing to do, but because you will come back for more – maybe or maybe not for health, maybe for the cracker-jacks-box-like surprise. (and you don’t have to eat the entire jar to find it!)
Soon, I suppose I need to mention our “gut brain”.

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