That’s Not All About Kimchi

Many people adore kimchi. Call it the centerpiece for shared language. A variety of colors, rhythms of complex spiciness, a crowning addition to an otherwise mundane dish – like the perfect hat to complete your (tedious + boring) wardrobe. Kimchi is center stage in Korean culture and like great teas and coffees, we adopt, adapt and share, globally.
That’s not all.
It’s alive with organisms promising us a healthy gut with probiotics, packed with healing vitamins, good bacteria (lactobacilli) and deliciousness.
That’s not entirely all.
I’m taught that we have two brains: one in our head and one in a brilliant assembly of organs known as our gut. The latter is, for example, where intuition and smart assessments happen – red flags by


way of digestive disorders wave, sometimes wildly and without pride – like, well you know, gut feelings – things that are wrong (or right) but we can’t rationalize. Apparently there is a science to how the gut knows what it knows.
That’s not all.
Kimchi is fermented, it’s a superfood, and it salutes your gut brain in an entirely satisfying way!
5 Ways to Enjoy Kimchi
1. A dollop in your soup. Incredibly tasty.
2. Kimchi pancakes. Hold the maple syrup!
3. Order “The Judy” (at Martha’s in Newburgh) hint: involves egg + veggies
4. Nori rolled with rice, kimchi and tuna (or egg or avocado).
5. Cranberry + apricot (or mango) kimchi. Mix it all together. Perfect on your Thanksgiving table.
That’s all!
For now.

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